Paper and board production

120 THOUSAND TONS/YEAR Maximum output of corrugating medium
220 THOUSAND TONS/YEAR Maximum output of linerboard
50% of PAPER AND BOARD consumed internally in the company
Подробнее о продукции

PCBK is an enterprise running the complete manufacturing cycle: from processing raw materials and making semi-finished products, to producing and selling the finished goods.

Paper and board production is carried out on three machines:

  • The twin-wire BM-1 boardmaking machine with a capacity of 140 thousand tons per year and a trim width of 4,200 mm produces testliner for corrugated board. In 2019 a deep upgrade of the machine took place with its main sections replaced (wet end, press and drying section, drum reel, rewinder, process automation system). Grammage from 110 to 190 g/m2.

  • The PM-2 fourdrinier machine with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year and a trim width of 4,200 mm, produces corrugating medium from high yield pulp (Semichemical fluting). The manufactured paper complies with GOST R 53206-2008 and TU #17.12.34-084-24086615-2020 and comes in B-0, B-1, B-0-S (Prime-Fluting) grades in grammages between 112 and 160 g/m².

  • The twin-wire BM-3 with a capacity of 80,000 tons per year and a trim width of 2200 mm produces testliner and corrugating medium. The manufactured board complies with TU #5441-073-24086615-2014. The board comes in KT-0 and KT-1 grades in grammages between 110 and 190 g/m2.

A fully automated process control system takes care of all the manufacturing steps: from stock preparation to finished goods delivery at the warehouse.


The feedstock for one of the main products, corrugating medium, is birch pulpwood.

The production process begins with logging. PCBK's own logging area of 498,000 hectares is located in Dobryanskiy District of Perm Territory. The total rated woodcutting capacity is 933,000 m3 per year. For manufacturing, hardwood (birch) pulpwood according to GOST 9462-2016, is used. The annual birch pulpwood consumption is 180 thousand cubic meters. Producing one ton of high yield pulp requires about 2.5 - 3 m³ of wood.

High yield pulp is now being used extensively in the production of packaging grades of  paper and board. It consists of long fibers that retain the original properties of the wood species from which it is made. At PCBK, high yield pulp is produced using the neutral sulfite process.


Waste paper is an important feedstock in the production of board. Perm Pulp and Paper Company is the largest processor of this type of raw material in the Perm Territory. Processing waste paper helps us make an important environmental contribution by reducing the number of waste dumps in our region.

PCBK uses "MS-5B” grade waste paper with an annual consumption of up to 300,000 tons. The economic viability of waste paper is well-proven: a ton of waste paper replaces 3.5 m3 of wood, saves 300 to 800 kWh of electricity and cuts water consumption by 50%.