Corrugated production

Corrugated production
280,000,000 square meters of corrugated boxes per year – maximum capacity
18 CONVERTING LINES allow to produce corrugated packaging with any level of complexity and with any order size
3 COLORS we can print an eye-catching design on your corrugated box, up to 3 colors using the flexographic technology
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The range of corrugated packaging lines is very wide and includes 18 units. Regular Slotted Containers are the most common item, as they are suitable for the widest range of packaging applications. Besides RSCs, tray-type boxes and complex-shape items are manufactured using rotary and flat die-cutting. Regular Slotted Containers are produced on the following converting lines:

Martin 924 – 2 units (France),

Martin 618 – 2 units (France),

Casemaker (Italy) – 1 unit,

New line Apstar HG2-924 (China) – 1 unit.


Complex-shape boxes are produced on the following lines:

– rotary die-cutting: Martin DRO 1628 (France), Ishikawa1525 (China)

– flat die-cutting: Asahi AR-1600 M-II (China), Asahi AR-1600LF, Cobra A120-162 (Germany) and ETERNA PE1650SA - Elite II.


Our converting lines can produce corrugated packaging with superior quality. We can print an eye-catching design on your corrugated box, up to 5 colors using the flexographic technology.


New designs and prototypes are produced on a new generation Lasercomb ProDigi 2113 cutting plotter. Making prototypes on the plotter prevents technical defects and mishaps when a packaging item is taken to mass production. The machine is easy to operate while providing a high production speed.


PCBK produces two-ply, three-ply and five-ply corrugated board, which is further used for the production of boxes and packaging accessories.

Three corrugators are used for the board manufacturing: Fosber, Italy, Olivini, Italy, and APG-2, Russia. PCBK produces two-ply and three-ply corrugated board in B, C, E profiles and BC profile five-ply board, in grades T-21 to T-27, and P-31 to P-33 according to GOST R 52901-2007. Corrugated board is packed in stretch film on pallets. The total production volume of corrugated board is up to 300 million square meters/year.

Perm papermakers take pride in the high-speed Fosber corrugator. A cassette-type single-facer allows to change the cassette in 20 minutes and start producing a different corrugated profile (B, C or E). The corrugator by Fosber has a computerized control system and is capable of automatic splicing without reducing the running speed. It is equipped with a slitter-scorer, cutoff knife and sheet stacker, as well as a rotary knife for fast size changeover, and a glue cooker. The nesting pattern of boxes is calculated automatically using dedicated PC TOPP software.



The corrugated production plant features a state-of-the-art automatic glue cooker capable of flawlessly adjusting the glue to different corrugated profiles. The formulations are saved in the computer memory. The cooker is also used to introduce hydrophobic agents which improve the corrugated board’s strength, increase the glue seam’s resistance to moisture and its ability to withstand atmospheric humidity.


A fully automated conveyor system by Martin removes the sheets produced at the corrugator and distributes them between all the  converting lines. This conveyor system requires no human intervention and helps achieve the highest possible speed of finished goods output.