Corrugated packaging

PCBK produces more than 500 different designs of corrugated packaging, including complex shape items tailored to the customer-specific dimensions.


Consisting mainly of one piece with a glued connecting flap and upper and lower flaps. Boxes of this type are shipped folded. All you have to do is bend the flaps and they are ready for use.

The FEFCO International Cardboard Catalogue offers a wide range of the most popular corrugated cardboard packaging designs. Using the FEFCO catalog, you will be able to select the necessary design and order packaging much faster!

Download the FEFCO catalog

Complex shape items are made by rotary and flat die-cutting, and feature an extraordinary variety of design options.

Complex shape corrugated boxes require the cutting and scoring operations. With the help of cutting it is possible to produce packaging of complex shapes, with elaborate die-cutting elements, holes for handles, and ventilation openings.

Scoring lines define the folding direction, which allows to quickly and accurately assemble the corrugated box on high-speed packaging lines of customers, as well as on self-assembly conveyor lines. Self-assembly boxes can be quickly assembled into functional trays, especially widely used for fruits and vegetables.


Every customer of PCBK can take advantage of our Packaging Academy team’s technical expertise in order to obtain a new packaging design specifically tailored to your manufacturing challenge.

Our designers will develop a new corrugated box tailored to your product or adapt an existing solution, based on the required physical and mechanical properties. This means that PCBK customers get a packaging that absolutely meets their needs without overpaying for redundantly high specifications.

A number of designs by our Packaging Academy have been awarded prizes in national competitions.

Packaging Academy key functionality:

  • Develop new designs
  • Optimize products provided by customers
  • Provide technical advice to customers
  • Analyze box conversion processes at production facilities
  • Provide technical support on product implementation
  • Perform audits
  • Train employees at the customer’s site

Products designed in collaboration with our Packaging Academy technical service provide a number of advantages:

  • Increase your sales by increasing the competitiveness of your packaging;
  • Cut the delivery costs of your products by maximizing vehicle use efficiency;
  • Minimize the costs of selling your products by making it convenient to display them, with the packaging that is easy to open and use;
  • Individual approach to each customer; the option of designing customer-specific packaging.

Ensure improved protection of products during transportation. Any corrugated box can be completed with partitions, grids, liners, dividers, inserts and trays, sleeves and corners, all of which belong to the category of internal box elements (components).