Corrugated board

Corrugated board (in sheets or reels) is a lightweight and reliable packaging material, consisting of corrugated and flat layers.

Packaging made of this material is light-weight, strong and rigid.


Corrugated board can be 2, 3 and 5-ply, depending on the number of layers.

Two-ply board is supplied in reels, while three- and five-ply board is supplied in flat sheets.

Two-ply board is well-suited for the production of cushioning inserts, linings, as well as using as a wrapping material. Three- and five-ply board is usually used to manufacture corrugated boxes.


Corrugated board production is subject to GOST R 52901-2007 standard.

Following the regulatory requirements (GOST, TU) is mandatory.

You can order the following classes and grades of corrugated board from PCBK:

Type Class Grade Назначение

auxiliary packaging material

T 2 Т21–Т27

primary containers and auxiliary packaging of goods capable of withstanding a stack load

P П31–П33

primary containers and auxiliary packaging of goods capable of withstanding a stack load


Packaging board differs in the profile of the corrugated layers, which depends on the height of the flute and its pitch. PCBK Group manufactures E, B and C profile corrugated board.

E  (microflute). One of the main advantages of micro corrugated cardboard is that it is suitable for consumer packaging of small size and irregular shape, as well as for high quality printing.

B Characterized by a high crush strength of the corrugated layer. This type of corrugated board is excellent for packaging robust products that are capable of carrying the load, such as canned food or paint in tin cans, liquor or soft drinks in glass bottles, household chemicals in rigid plastic bottles. Also, B profile corrugated board is used to make small-size boxes with complex die-cutting patterns.

C The most common type of corrugated board with excellent shock-absorbing properties, as well as high capabilities for taking the stack load.

BC This combination is used in the production of five-ply corrugated board. The C profile with high shock absorption properties and elasticity is used for the bottom ply. The small flute B profile is suitable for the external ply: due to the small pitch it has increased planar stiffness and a flat surface required for high-quality printing.

(flute type)
Flute height
h, mm

Flute pitch
t, mm

C Medium 3,2 — 4,4 6,5 — 8,0
B Small 2,2 — 3,2 4,5 — 6,4
E Micro 1,1 — 1,6 3,2 — 3,6